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Rebuilding With Our New Moon Family

Posted on July 2, 2015 by
New Moon weaver in Nepal

New Moon weaver in Nepal

On April 25 the world stopped to observe the tragedy that struck Nepal in the form of a 7.8 earthquake, which shook the country’s core and claimed more than 7,200 lives. But May 7, the Nepalis proved their resilience by partaking in the Hindu tradition to end mourning exactly 13 days after the tragedy. There were prayers, ritual baths, and most importantly, a silent vow to rebuild Nepal. Continue reading

New Moon Rugs showed at the Central Park Horse Show

Posted on October 7, 2014 by

10665089_10204833375217231_8557279682250524782_nThese last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events and news for New Moon Rugs and Kurtz Collection. In September, the Kurtz sisters were happy to attend the Central Park Horse Show with Veranda magazine. Veranda staff splashed their magic on the event’s VIP tent area, making it a homey retreat. New Moon rugs were featured in the design.

Among the highlights of the four-day event is the show-jumping $200,000 Grand Prix and the Under 25 Grand Prix, which includes rider Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of Bruce Springsteen. The horse show will also include a dressage event and a polo match.

Inspiration Galore at NYCIS

Posted on September 16, 2014 by

nyics bannerIt’s that time of year again when the fashion-forward flock to New York for the glorified fall fashion week. Well in the rug business we have a little “fashion week” of our own nestled in the heart of Chelsea of the Metropolitan Pavilion. From September 7th through September  9th, rug connoisseurs of the world migrated to the 2014 New York International Carpet Show to see the latest and greatest in rug design. Sounds crazy to some, but a weekend of excitement for us who love design. This year was the 10th anniversary of our beloved show and fellow designers lounged, laughed and, of course, showed off their best selections of rugs.


Photo courtesy of Goodweave Facebook

10556863_10152259104860563_5818533423557110874_o (1)

Photo courtesy of Goodweave Facebook Josephine and Erika Kurtz pose in the New Moon Rug booth at NYCIS

Cause for Celebration: New Moon Rugs Won “Best Modern Design”

Posted on January 14, 2014 by

New Moon Rugs received high honors in the rug industry as it was named “Best Modern Design Superior 2014″, at DOMOTEX for it’s Peacock design.

The win highlights the increase in the use of vibrant colors and striking textures in modern home decor.

Peacock Rug

Industry leaders chose the “Peacock” design from New Moon Rugs out of 329 other international rug designs. The inspiration for this design is a contemporary mosaic tile motif in a unique blend of Tibetan wool, Chinese silk and allo (a natural nettle fiber).  Bold and bright colors combine and overlap to mimic the feathers of a peacock. The indigo blue field is offset with vibrant tones of green, gold, red, orange and teal.

“What is so great about these design aesthetics and techniques is that they’re on trend, yet timeless,” said New Moon COO Erika Kurtz and daughter of Founder, John Kurtz. “It’s great to go for an international award and win against other established rug design companies.”


New Moon has created a standard of quality for rugs internationally. Founder, artist and rug historian John Kurtz has over 30 years of experience. His family-owned company in Wilmington, Delaware, produces carpets created through true Tibetan weaving. New Moon carpets can take pride in knowing that the company is committed to maintaining these standards, both for their carpets and the well being of their weavers.

DOMOTEX is the world’s leading tradeshow for the floor coverings industry. It shines as the premier exhibition for new trends and innovative lifestyle design. Some 1,400 companies from 60 nations attended the Hannover, Germany exhibition to showcase their latest products and new collections from January 11 to 14, 2014.

Congratulations to the New Moon team and the Kurtz family.