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Lead designer Josephine Kurtz designs youthful and whimsical nursery

Posted on July 29, 2016 by


Our lead designer, Josephine Kurtz, created a vibrant and whimsical space for her niece’s new nursery! Chock full of eye-catching colors and patterns, this room is a great showcase of our cutting edge interior design skills and a wonderful fit for the creative family’s new addition.


Josephine began with an Osborne & Little wallpaper called “Cockatoo’s” as her initial inspiration, making a bold and colorful statement. She also added a Cisco Brothers pouf ottoman, a Kevin O’Brien custom pillow made of hot pink ombre velvet, and a metal rod starburst mirror with a goldleaf finish. These funky and free-spirited pieces felt right at home in the room.


To represent New Moon, Josephine incorporated the “Trinidad, cafe au lait” rug. The soft mocha brown of the Trinidad rug complements the smaller palm leaf design in the window treatments in a fun and playful way.


For the finishing touches, Josephine added ceramic animal head drawer pulls on the dresser and placed their father’s all original artwork around the room!

With the eye-popping furniture and John Kurtz’s original pieces hanging on the walls, the new nursery expressed a strong sense of the family’s savvy interior design.

You can find all of these exciting items on our online catalog!

Let Your Walls Speak in SHINE

Posted on November 8, 2014 by

wallpaperWallpaper is making a huge comeback in the interior design world, and this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Designers have resurrected an antiquated staple by adding a design for every homeowner. There is a pattern for those who enjoy bright and colorful patterns, and styles for those who opt for texture and elegance. Suddenly, we have the urge to cover every wall in our home in a beautiful design.

As wallpaper continues to surge in popularity, it is picking up the metallic finishing trend. Here are few of our favorite shining examples of metallic wallpaper.

1. Cavern Home – “Birds of Paradise”: Who can deny the deep navy backdrop of this beautiful aviary design. This design is a bold choice for a metallic lover.

2. Hygge-West  – “Oh Joy Petal Pusher”: This simplistic elegance could fill a room from to to bottom and still not overwhelm its patrons.

3. Farrow and Ball – “RANELAGH BP 1847″:  Even if geometry wasn’t your favorite subject in school, you can still love the fun of a geometric design. Even better that the design is in gold over an elegant, chic teal.

4. Calico – “Metallic Marble”: Brooklyn-based Calico stole the hearts of many who were dead-set against wallpaper when they released this metallic marble wallpaper. Grays and gold for the win.

5. Anna French “AT10103“:  Gold polka dots? On  wallpaper? It may not make much sense in theory but Anna French proves that it makes perfect design sense.

6. Graham Brown – “Sparkle Brown”: The understated luxe of this fabric speaks volumes for a room and design palette.

Let’s Talk Design with Nile Johnson

Posted on May 2, 2014 by

Choosing a career in interior design may be a dream for some, Nile Johnson feels the choice was made for him.

“I never pursued design, but design pursued me,” says Johnson, “it’s how I move through the world – I can’t turn it off.”


Johnson is a national award-winning interior designer and the Principal of Nile Johnson Interior Design. His design firm is located just outside of Philadelphia, but he has crafted living spaces for clients as far as Los Angeles, Cali.

In just one conversation with Nile it is abundantly clear that he is passionate about his work. But it doesn’t stop there. He has a thousands of followers tuned-in to his daily posts of  favorite products, designers, music, inspiration, and anything #NJIIDapproved.

Let’s sit and chat with this local designer on the move:

HEADSHOTWhat is your interior designing “motto”?

I believe that everyone should live beautifully – not just aestectically but in all aspects of life, which is why I strived to produce distinct yet timeless designs to reflect my clients’ lifestyle. The crux of interior design is creating moments throughout a space that is layered wih thoughtful and personal elements.

What was your defining design moment thus far?

NJ: Honestly, I am just so grateful being able to do what I love to do everyday. I see this as the defining design moment for me. However, a recent major achievement will be receiving the amazing honor of The African American Top 20 Interior Designer along side some of my other design heroes such as Daryl Carter, Michele Boyd, Joy Moyler and Elaine Griffin.

What is one element that a room could never go wrong with?

NJ: Accessories. They are the jewelry on the room.  They complete the space, and unfortunately they are often overlooked.  They are just as important as the sofa.

What or who is your design inspiration?

NJ: It depends on my mood and the day.  I am very diverse; my iPod has everything from Patsy Cline to Jay-Z to John Mayer.  I am inspired by everything from music, furniture, art and fashion.  I have such an appreciation for artists of all forms, types and genres, and all these things influence my approach to interiors.

nilejohnsonwork copyLiving Room Details from NJ: This room was a bit of a dance. You know the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” The clients did not want heavy window treatments so I designed the room around the room architecture. I selected subtle, yet interesting pieces that would not take away from the view but bring life into the space. Careful selection was key.

Bedroom Details from NJ: This Master Bedroom was a labor of love. It was a part of the show house project with Oxford Art Alliance. I wanted to take a fresh and fun approach on traditional. The room palette was centered around the amazing rug (found at Kurtz Collection). It was colorful and soft, but grounded the space in an interesting yet unobtrusive.

Dining Room Details from NJ: I was able to mix several different styles and patterns to create an eclectic yet soothing space to dine and entertain. I love being able to use spaces for dual functions and the expansive walls in this space were the perfect spot for the family’s beautifully curated and growing art collection.

Nile Johnson is an interior design graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and received his masters in interior architecture from Chatham University. He is an adjunct faculty member in the interior design department of two local colleges, and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).