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30% Off Entire Store This Weekend!

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Kick off the holiday season with big savings! Join us on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday and take advantage of 30% off the entire store. This two day only sale is the perfect time to purchase that piece you’ve been eyeing on our site. Visit our showroom browse our unique gifts or fuel your imagination with ways too refresh your interiors this holiday season.

Kurtz Collection | Black Friday |Small Business Saturday Sale

Don’t forget, our showroom is also the perfect place to reconnect with friends and family! Our Champagne & Shopping private parties allow exclusive after-hours access to the Kurtz Collection showroom, champagne and refreshments provided by us and 20% off full priced merchandise for all guests. Email for more information or too book your party.

Wilmington Art Loop

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November 4th, explore the Wilmington Art Loop and meet us at our showroom at 1010 North Union Street. Enjoy wine and cheese from 5-8 p.m. and art by our featured jewelry artist JoAnn Sears.




We’re Expanding Our Showroom!

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Lead designer Josephine Kurtz designs youthful and whimsical nursery

Posted on July 29, 2016 by


Our lead designer, Josephine Kurtz, created a vibrant and whimsical space for her niece’s new nursery! Chock full of eye-catching colors and patterns, this room is a great showcase of our cutting edge interior design skills and a wonderful fit for the creative family’s new addition.


Josephine began with an Osborne & Little wallpaper called “Cockatoo’s” as her initial inspiration, making a bold and colorful statement. She also added a Cisco Brothers pouf ottoman, a Kevin O’Brien custom pillow made of hot pink ombre velvet, and a metal rod starburst mirror with a goldleaf finish. These funky and free-spirited pieces felt right at home in the room.


To represent New Moon, Josephine incorporated the “Trinidad, cafe au lait” rug. The soft mocha brown of the Trinidad rug complements the smaller palm leaf design in the window treatments in a fun and playful way.


For the finishing touches, Josephine added ceramic animal head drawer pulls on the dresser and placed their father’s all original artwork around the room!

With the eye-popping furniture and John Kurtz’s original pieces hanging on the walls, the new nursery expressed a strong sense of the family’s savvy interior design.

You can find all of these exciting items on our online catalog!

Summer Rug Cleaning 15% Off

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Kurtz_Collection_Summer_Cleaning_Eblast_ IMAGES_Text_5

Turn the Lights On!

Posted on September 19, 2014 by
Let’s skip to the one of the most important elements of interior design: Lighting.

Lighting makes all the difference. It creates the mood of a room, effects the perceived size of a room, and sets the tone of a space. Natural light would be great in every room but not all rooms have access to open windows and natural light. Don’t fret – there are many ways to bring light into a space with fixtures and design.

Lighting is key to a color scheme or design of a room because it can  add to or subtract from the overall colors of a room. It is unique in a sense that you can spotlight certain areas of a room to draw the eye or distract from a smaller or more confined space.

This idea draws from the common point that darker colors make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light-colored walls do the opposite. Lighting can create the feeling of a more open space. The illusion of space is defined by light reflected off of the surfaces of the walls. Some types of lighting help with this illusion by further illuminating the walls, while some highlight the floors.

Because of its importance, lighting can never be thrown in the “trend” category as it is a necessity for any room design. However the fixtures and styles change as the trends change.

Here are a few of the popular lighting fixtures with Kurtz Collection customers:
lighting collage

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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What is one of the best ways to accessorize your home? Mirrors, of course. Whether used to be decorative or functional, many people do not take full advantage of the versatility of mirrors in home design. Mirrors are favorites amongst designers because they make rooms feel larger, create a focal point, give an interesting touch and have feung shui properties known to bring in positive energy. The true beauty of mirrors is that they can be utilized in every room of your house.

The list of great uses for mirrors is endless, but when it comes to finding the right one for your home you might feel a bit lost. Here is a list of styles of mirrors followed with unique ways to use them throughout home design.

Styles of Mirrors:

1. Traditional style: Larger and more opulent in style, traditional mirrors are the perfect addition to the classic style room. A gold-framed mirror over a fireplace is a focal point often used in the traditional styled home.

2. International Influence: The detail of some mirrors lend themselves to an international flair. Often heavily beaded or the use of region specific materials such as horn or pearl will give an international touch to a home full of vacation finds. These pieces can be mixed with other international, or you can remain region specific in your decor.

3. Vintage/Antique: Antiqued mirrors are the perfect addition to a room looking for a home-like feel. The vintage look goes with most color schemes and styles. Look for mirrors where the glass has the appearance of age or brassy tones to the siding. 

4. Eclectic Whim: Today there are mirrors of all types and that includes brightly colored pieces and shaped mirrors as well. If your home has the whimsical feel, try out a few out-of-the-box mirrors to add interest to your design.

5. Functional: There are tons of mirrors to choose from but sometime the function is more important than the fashion. Find simple mirrors with little framework to suit your needs.

Don’t forget to shop some of the mirrors at Kurtz Collection!

From Old to New: Re-Upholstery

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Think twice before tossing your old furniture to the dumpster pile. Bring your pieces to Kurtz Collection for a custom re-upholstery. Quality furniture doesn’t have to be discarded because the fabric is a bit frayed. We have tons of fabrics and styles to choose from to make your old piece good as new.


Kurtz Collection Named Best of Delaware in Home Furnishings

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bodfbcoverIt’s been an incredible start of the year for Kurtz Collection. We are still on a high from updating to a sophisticated and updated site. With the help of Social Stylate we were able to make our web presence match our view on home decor – clean and unique.

Then, this week we were named Best of Delaware in Home Furnishings as a Reader’s Choice (that’s the best part). We are so thankful to our customers and clients that they would think enough of us to nominate us to such an award.

Delaware Today magazine is celebrating all the Best of Delaware winners July 17th, but we want to show our appreciation as well.

July 14-19th please join us for a laid back Happy Hour in our showroom. We will have wine and hors d’oeuvres available while you shop for your home accessories.